Our Lady of Mount Carmel High School is a Belizean Catholic institution. We look forward to all our students showing respect and pride in our Belizean identity and to be reverent in all our religious services. Non-Catholics are asked to show the proper respect for the practices and traditions of the Catholic Church. We believe all people deserve respect, and expect the same from those involved with our school. As such:
• All our students are expected to participate in all patriotic events and religious activities, including assemblies, parades, Eucharistic Adorations, solemnities, retreats and Masses.
• Reverence must be shown during prayer at all times;
• Students should move promptly for Mass and assemblies at the Teachers Memorial Event Center or to the Catholic Church where they are to organize themselves according to the seating arrangement under the supervision of the Home-Room teacher;
• Students should stand at attention during the singing of the National Anthem and give the respect to the National flag at all times.
The vision of Mount Carmel High School focuses on our students attaining”… a level of Christian maturity that will bring peace, love, and joy to their own lives, allowing them to contribute to the creation of a truly Christian society.” To meet this aim, a Community Service program is implemented through the Office of the Guidance Counselor.
• All Third and Fourth Year students are expected to complete 24 hours of works of mercy in order to graduate. (See Graduation Requirements)
• First and Second form students are expected to complete at least ten hours of works of service, as a class, for the school year. Such examples of works of mercy may include classroom upgrading, upkeep of furniture, painting of chalkboard, walls and Grotto. A school project should be undertaken which shows dedication and commitment on behalf of the students. The project, once completed, should be and indicator of the time, talent and money offered by the students with the help of the Home-Room Teacher. The project should be identified and planned at the beginning of the school year upon which the Religion HOD should be informed. The objectives are to be completed by April of the academic year. All community service completed will be recorded in the student’s personal file. Incomplete community service will be reflected in the student’s report and transcript.