Our Lady of Mount Carmel High School – the miracle school, opened its doors on  September 1990 under the leadership of Fr. John S. McHugh (S.O.L.T), pastor at the time of Mount Carmel Parish. It was originally meant to be a prep school, offering a one year tutoring service to the youth in the parish who, for academic and financial reasons, could not afford a high school education. The humble beginnings were in a one-story ferrous-concrete building  donated by the local town board, originally meant for public use.

At the end of the first academic year, the parents of the 57 students enrolled in the prep course solicited the management of the school to expand the programmed into that of a regular high school. Such was the demand that provisions were soon made to disadvantaged of the parish and surrounding areas. This was made possible through the generosity of university graduates abroad, who soon started donating funds for the construction of appropriate infrastructure.

Today, Our Lady of Mount Carmel High School, boasts a beautiful half acre campus with all the  conveniences of a modern secondary school. It houses 15 classrooms, a chapel, science and computer labs, a library with internet access, a counseling room, vocational facilities for food processing, an audio-visual room, a residential wiring building, canteen and a basketball court.  Our Lady of Mount Carmel High is currently staffed with 28 teachers from different parts of the world including North America, Europe and Central America. It has grown to have a student population of almost 500 students.