Absence from Campus

In order to remain student-status all students are required to attend school regularly and to be at school on time for the beginning of the school day.  Students are required to attend at least 95% of the scheduled class sessions, except in the case of certified illness.

All absences must be explained by a parent or guardian before the student will be re-admitted. No student may miss school for a frivolous reason. Notes brought explaining absences are to be submitted to the respective homeroom teacher as soon as the child reports to school, and are to be signed by parents or guardians. Home Room teachers will in turn hand over the notes to the Dean or the Secretary for filing. Each subject teacher will keep track of students who are absent from his/her classes. Continued absence may result in the student not being permitted to sit make-up tests.  NOTE: Excessive unexcused absences, truancy, skipping classes are considered serious offenses.


Unexcused lateness will not be tolerated. It is the student’s responsibility to be at school at least ten minutes before the first bell each day (7:50 am). Unexcused lateness will result in detentions at the main gate issued by the Dean or his/her designate. If a student is late to class during the course of the school day, he/she is to report to the secretary to obtain a pass. Detentions may be given by the Vice-Principal or Dean for unreasonable excuses. It is the student’s duty to give a pass for admission into class for the subject teacher to sign.  After every 5 unexcused lateness a demerit  will be given. After 10 days of unexcused lateness a day’s suspension will be given and two demerits. Parents will be called for conference. A jug may be issued after subsequent offense related to tardiness.

Remaining on Campus:

While on campus, All required classes and school-related activities must be attended. Once a student arrives and is admitted on campus, he/she may not leave until the close of the school day, except to attend off-campus classes or approved school functions, or  in the case of an illness or emergencies. The limit of the campus is clearly defined by the fence surrounding the school property. Students are not allowed to leave campus without prior authorization from administration and parent or guardian.

Illness while on Campus:

If a student should complain of illness during the school day, his/her parents/guardians will be called by the secretary so they can pick them up at school. Failure to get in touch with the parents/guardians  may result  in the student having to remain in school. A doctor’s note should be sent on his/her return. Should the note come from the parent, it must include the date, signature of the parent/guardian, name of student and phone number of the parent/guardian. He/She must hand the note over to the Home Room Teacher.


  • In case of illness, we have been advised that it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to accompany the child to a medical center.
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel High School is not authorized to give medications to any student.

School Uniform:

    • Whenever and wherever an MCHS student is in uniform, the uniform must be worn correctly. All students must wear a plain white undershirt or camisole beneath the prescribed uniform shirt or blouse. Shirts/Blouses must be properly buttoned and tucked in all the times and comfortably loose from the body whether in or out of school campus.
    • The formal uniform must be worn every day of school, from Monday through Friday, except on Casual Wear Days. Students must wear only the khaki colored pants or skirts as prescribed. They should not wear jeans of any make or color, balloon pants, parachute pants, sweatpants, shorts or other types of informal attire.
    • Knights of the Immaculate  and Hand Maidens are permitted to wear their group’s t-shirts only on special Marian feast days as determined by coordinators of the groups and authorized by Administration.
    • All students should be full out of uniform within three hours after dismissal

No student is allowed to play any sport while in uniform at any time.

Boy’s Uniform:

  1. Boy’s pants must not touch the floor (should be at least 1 inch above the floor). The hem of the pants should not be slit at the bottom of the legs. Baggy and cargo pants and skinny jeans are not permitted. Sagging is strictly prohibited at all times.
  2. Boys should wear above ankle socks while in uniform. The adequate uniform foot wear includes only black covered shoes which must be neatly worn at all times.
  3. Plain black belts are the only belts allowed as part of the uniform. Belts must be worn properly at all times. (Only normal and plain buckles are allowed.
  4. Only plain white undershirts must be worn under the Shirts.

Girl’s Uniform:

  1.  Girl’s skirts must be at least 1 inch below knee length.  It should fold behind the knee when the girl is kneeling in an upright position. It should be worn to  the waist.
  2. Girls should wear regular white socks at least four inches below the knee-half way up the calf.
  3. The adequate uniform foot war includes only black covered shoes which must be neatly worn at all times.
  4. Only white undershirt must be worn under the blouse.

PE Uniform:

A school T-Shirt, or plain white T-Shirt, and black/navy blue athletic shorts should be worn during Physical Education Class. The athletic shorts need to be at least half-way down the student’s thigh. Appropriate footwear (tennis shoes) is  needed. Failure to report in appropriate PE attire will result in disciplinary action.

Casual Wear Days:

On such occasions, students should abide by the Dress Code which includes, for boys – School T-Shirt with long jeans pants  and, for girls – School T-Shirt with skirts 1 inch below the knee or full long jeans pants. Students who do not comply will be sent home.

Field Trip Attire:

Attire for Field Trips can include school uniforms or the attire outlined for Casual Wear Days. All school policies apply on field trips

Personal Appearance & Accessories


Boys’ hair must be less than collar length and may not cover the eyes or ears. Sideburns may not extend below the bottom of the ear. Beards and mustaches are not allowed. Hair or both girls and boys must be neat with no unusual styles; unnatural coloring or other  such hair arrangements are not permitted. Normal haircuts are the required norm. Spiked hair styles, Mohawks, dreadlocks, inscriptions, or unnatural coloring are not permitted and will result in students being sanctioned.


Male students may not wear earrings of any kind while in uniform, casual-wear days, on school-related functions and when on suspension. Female students are allowed to wear one pair of stud earrings on the ear lobe only. Dangling or gaudy earrings are never permitted. Nose rings are not allowed. Stud earrings can be only gold, silver, black, white or brown.

Body Piercing: is not allowed; and new tattoos are not to be made while at MCHS.

Hats are not allowed on campus. Girls are allowed to wear tasteful bandannas. Handkerchiefs that are not associated with gangs may be used but should not be draped from the uniform.


No makeup of any kind may be worn with the school uniform. Curlers, finger nail polish, lipstick, gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, rouge, and sparkles are expressly forbidden. Fingernails must be neatly kept at a reasonable length.

Body Graffiti: is  not permitted and will result in students being sanctioned.

Fashion Accessories:

The only fashion accessories allowed are the following: black, white, brown, or beige hair ribbons, clips or ties man be worn by girls, but may not be of colors popularly associated with street gangs. Girls may wear religious medals and/or  scapulars under their school blouses. They may also wear one ring, a watch, and / or one chain / necklace. Boys may wear religious medals and / or scapulars under their school shirts. They may also wear a watch or bracelet, one ring, and one chain / necklace. Rosaries are not considered religious medals and may not be worn around the neck or dangling from the belt or belt loops or from the waistband of skirts. We encourage students to have and to carry rosaries in their pockets or book bags.


  • Students are prohibited to have cell-phones on the school compound.
  • MP3 Players, computer devices, I-Pods, toys, radios, cameras or other items not related to legitimate school activity are prohibited unless expressly permitted by the Administration.

All unacceptable clothing and accessories, including cell-phones, will be confiscated by school authorities and may be purchased by its owner at a cost of $10 per item after a month of the date confiscated. If a student repeats the offense, he/she will pay $25 to repurchase  the item after one week  of being confiscated. If there is a third offense it will be purchased at the end of the year for $50.

NOTE: while our staff may try to recover items reported lost or stolen from students on campus, Our Lady of Mount Carmel High School is not responsible for any items which are lost or stolen.

To avoid losing personal items leave them at home.

Contacting Students while on Campus

  • In case of an emergency, a parent/guardian may call the Office and leave a message to the secretary who will ensure that the message is conveyed to the student.
  • Personal calls will not be entertained and cannot be delivered.
  • All packages and messages must be delivered to the office.
  • Students can make or receive phone calls or messages from the office only through the secretary. Students are responsible for covering these costs. Should they not have the required money on them, this will be charged to their account.