Our Lady of Mount Carmel High School (OLMCHS) is an inclusive Catholic secondary school committed to academic excellence and to developing the ability of students to become active participants as members of His Church and engaged disciples of Jesus Christ. Through a Catholic institution it is also dedicated to fostering the holistic development of every student.
The Honor Guard:
All Students are expected to be honest and respectful t other students, visitors, faculty and staff. Above all, if a student is sent or called to the office of the Dean for disciplinary reasons, that student must be honest and not withhold any truth which may relate to the situation in question.
Any student who willingly lies or withholds information that may bring justice to a situation is directly breaking the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Honor Code. This includes forged signatures on notes or letters brought to the office.
Anyone who breaks the Honor Code may be suspended or may have to withdraw. In given cases, students will be required to sign a Disciplinary or Probationary Contract.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel High School is a grant-aided institution under the patronage of the Society of Our Lady of Most Holy Trinity (SOLT). The philosophy of educational institutions managed by SOLT institutions are committed to a wholesome education whereby the individual is led towards Trinitarian relationships to bear fruit for God’s Kingdom.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel High School (OLMCHS) was established as a secondary institution of life and human formation. As such, it remains faithful to the mandate of Jesus Christ to make true disciples who will bear fruit for the Church and Holy Spirit. It is founded on Jesus Christ, the fount of graces, and on His Church, the Guardian of faith.
The time has come to join our hands. To hold our hearts and lift them high. To walk the path that leads us to heaven. To win the victory of our lives.
The battlefield is harsh and real. Sweat and tears have watered the field. Our spirit grows towards the light of heaven. We’ll fight beneath our lady’s shield.
A crusader am I with Mount Carmel Pride, I’ll hold on to the cross and my flag. We Will seek the truth and we’ll walk in the light, with our mother our lives will go on.
Every battle we fight against the evil one, the light of Jesus will be on our side. We will run the race, holding hands real tight and a victory we will have on high.
Every step we take, we take with God. Every race we run, we run with God and a victory we will have on high.