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Our Mission

OLMCHS serves youth of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, especially the underprivileged, by providing rigorous intellectual, spiritual and physical formation within the Catholic Tradition, nurturing students to their potential as fruitful citizens and members of the Church.

Our Philosophy

Our Lady of Mount Carmel High School is a Catholic institution of secondary education under the patronage of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT). The philosophy of educational institutions managed by SOLT is rooted in the sacred mystery of the Blessed Trinity. As such, SOLT institutions are committed to a comprehensive education whereby the individual is led towards Trinitarian relationships to bear fruit for God’s Kingdom.


OLMCHS is engaged with the community in a joint effort to better the social environment of students.

Next-level technology

OLMCHS incorporates various technological assets in the classroom and on the school grounds. Students use an automated attendance system, online grading platform etc.

Award winning teachers

OLMCHS is proud to have national award wining teachers on staff.


OLMCHS ensures that remedial, after-school programs and tutoring is available to students in order to promote high academic achievement.

High Academic Standards

OLMCHS boasts high academic standards through participation in national and regional examinations.

Secure Campus

OLMCHS campus is fully enclosed, employs a warden and utilises a surveillance system to monitor compound.